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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Tv episodes v/s webisodes

"Sometimes this life seems like an unending web series where every episode start with some dramatic opening and ended with some unanswered twist."By Abhishek Panchal

Amidst this harsh lockdown, what we love doing other than our strict schedule of "Eat Sleep Repeat" is watching old TV serials or web series. This series helps us to revive our routine with bold dialogues, climax scenes and some animation effects also.  But on the other side of these similarities there are estonishing differences  that segregate the viewers.

Young population of our country is mostly driven by bold and unique story lines of web series whereas middle-aged prefer TV shows more frequently. Some may find internet shows more realistic with no scope of dramatic exaggerations and others may find TV serials more interesting with detailed plots and colorfulness but why there is such separation in the audience?  Can we prioritise one over the other?

Sometimes such vicidness in emotions seems forged and this makes the audience to search for real life narrations that can give them true impact of emotions.  From last decade there are more spectators to cheer for web shows due to their compact deliverations with 8 to 10 episodes.  This brings more curiosity and stuck them with their visual effects also. Another factor for being so popular is also that it welcomes less interference of censors to depict actuality and more realism.

The stereotypical issues presented by TV series are no more a part of entertainment for people of this generation. They are now open to broad interpretations and support "less spoken" views also.  But I consider television shows also that represent cultural values like 'Ramayan' and informative shows like 'science of stupid'. They enhance our problem solving skills with a tinge of entertainment.  We do you have demarcated TV and web serials according to our own love of understanding and here we need to emphasize that if any form of leisure become more lively and illuminating for us then we must participate in it.  Not just to enjoy but also to explore.
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

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