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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Self murder

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."By P. Donahue
What life is, just a roller coaster ride through all pains and pleasures that starts from cry of your birth and finishes with a dead silence!  But in the passage between the birth and death of a person, he dives in the ocean to explore all emotional- cum-practical situations.  Here he needs to proportionate between his emotions and wise decision making skills. But what if  person is left with no scope to live? What is more important than this question is can we face that situation in our life where we have no hope and will to live?

When someone is left with no option of 'resolution' he commits suicide but with the black spot of 'cowardice and loser'.  If you ask  for my opinion, I totally agree with this view because "those who quit they have to start the race again from the initial point ,it's better to fail rather than starting it again!" Success is easy to enjoy but one needs consistency to sustain over it.  And what is more difficult is to have guts to face the failure.  isn't it?
there are people who took up this step because they have lost all their strength due to success failure. Without hope, love, relations and confidence no human can survive.  It's important to understand that even if somebody lose everything in their life, there is still some hope of new energy, rectifications, fresh startup and upsurge to do something.

"They still built their homes again even when they lost everything in floods.  What can be more strenous than this!"

Since life is not just about gains, but it's a process of reciprocation.  If you want something, you must learn to lose.  To achieve something, you have to learn to live with unfair conditions too.  If you are given a life of human then don't just tangle between profits and losses because you are born to complete your responsibilities too.  Being '10/10' is not my responsibility but to inspire someone to encourage is my human obligation.  That's why I was born in the skin of human and not an animal.
Good bye
Happy Quarantine

Written  by  Yashu R

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