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Friday, May 1, 2020

No More Filters

"Beauty is when your eyes speak the truth, lips broadens with a smile even without any cosmetics or artificial agents and the personality that is respectful even without any jewellery."By Anindita

We always used to cram an idiom that 'the beauty is only skin deep', meaning the beauty cannot define the character of any person.  Are you that "sacramental" being who follow these words?  just keep on thinking!
The beautification of body either with surgeries, cosmetics or even Ayurveda therapy are evident enough to explain that people have misunderstood the meaning of 'first impression is last impression'.  Hence the people recognise this silicon studded body more frequently than their attitude and skills.

Those white plastered faces may gain confidence and self esteem to improve their efforts at workplaces but can they cherish their blemishes, ageing spots and uneven skin?  At every level, we try to hide these defects not because others won't appreciate it,  but because we cannot love our own self with such blots. The well formed body of surgeries can get you many likes and hearts on different sides but won't let you like to enjoy your fame.  There was a big superstar who whitened his black body through treatments and took number of pain killers to suppress is pain of but he was not able to see his popularity after 50!  I think you can guess the name of our "king of pop".

The brightness of filters and highlighters can subdue your physical fallacies temporary,  what will stay forever with you is your immense simplicity and level of sensibility.  That's why I always wondered, why the hero of movie is so charming and the master minds of the movie director, writer and producer are so simple (even though they make more money than actors).

if I have to conclude over this topic then I can only implant this idea in your mind that life cannot be fixed in to your selfie cameras because it is much more beautiful and pleasing if remain untouched with artificial frames. "When someone understand the depth of realness, he will never fluctuate towards the superficial Allure".
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

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