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Friday, May 1, 2020

Let the karma play!

"When you begin a journey of Revenge start by digging two Graves: one for your enemy and one for yourself."By Jodi Picault

The mind is recipient of all emotions but it needs to work in the favour of circumstances and in response to the activities of different people.  These people had developed a bond with you and with your mind that's why you can feel an emotion for them, otherwise not.  If there is a sentiment of affection, then there is an emotion of hatred, aversion and retribution also. These emotions of lower self can collectively encourage any person to cross any boundary.

There can be upthrust of Revenge when heart of a person is injured either with non acceptance or traumatic loss of life who was very close to you. But as much as I can calculate, this raging generation confront with former one situations. One may face such non-acceptance in his or her true love, in the settlement with family traditions, in the savage group of friends and many more.  Guys, what comes prior to any kind of refusal is self rejection. If one believe on himself beyond par then he can strengthen his will and won't  be affected with their weaknesses. one such feeling is "revenge".

Then how to handle this intense and aggressive emotions?  Half mein agree over the power of time to decide the fruit of action and other half may go with the notion that never sleep with anger just wake up and design your conspiracy.  All the cards flip over in your favour!

The one who can fight with his own evils need not to fight with people of stupid strategies.  An act of forgiveness and smile on your face itself work as an Revenge.  This is the reason why we remember Gandhi even today.  So let the fire burn inside you not to lit up your broken pieces that soothes others but to brighten up your personality that can outside all the master plans of evil souls around you.  So just  plan your Revenge against the evil, not the doer.
Good bye
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

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