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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

It's confidential!

"Privacy is an inherent human right and requirement for maintaining the human condition, with dignity and respect."By Bruce Schneier

If privacy has to do with finances, data or information then it also act as a right for every citizen of India.  We adhere to the fact that secrecy is very personal and cannot be violated without consent but it still face the invasion of different communities due to different purposes.  Like if I  enlist the actors and politicians, than their privacy has to be hindered by the media so that they can bring out their 'real faces'!

And paparazi just wag their tail behind celebrities to expose their 'love affairs, sexual life and bankruptcy',  not their struggle and hardships to achieve that seat.  But you may argue that such invasion of privacy also bring them to the LimeLight and build their popularity. So how this can be wrong?

I don't find it wrong if anyone give consent and agree with such fame.  But there are many other ordinary people who don't find it appropriate to expose their personal life either it is any relationship, non-governmental data or something related to their body.  If anyone keeps a private information with him with the intention to keep it safe and secure rather than to humiliate someone or cover any illegal data, then I find it very straight idea.

Privacy is a part of life of every individual where they can and have to sustain some details with themselves to maintain equilibrium in familial, communal, National and commercial issues. Government can form guidelines for privacy matters in National, international and communal issues but  how can we inculcate the right meaning of privacy in families?

The most crucial and initial step of good privacy for every individual in a family is to develop a strong bond of trust and emotional understanding among each other. And I think that no information can stay  unexposed for lifetime because there is always a point in life where it is brought out, in front of everyone with no exceptions!
Happy Quarantine

Written  by  yashu R

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