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Saturday, April 18, 2020

The aftermath of war

 "Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought"By Helen keller

Pablo Neruda ,rightly hit the core when he says 'victory with no survivors' in his poem "keeping quiet". He tries to illustrate the consequences of a war where no one is left to celebrate its victory. Those 'political heads' who survive have not a cent of humanity left with them. Can we call them our safeguards? Well, I don't.

The self-worth of a country is calculated on the sacrifices of ordinary soldiers who shed their blood without a second thought in their minds. And the states person pay only 30000 per month for their valour and selflessness! We cannot reimburse for the gallant of soldiers but why do they have to give away their lives for these political battles? It's the high time where we have to understand that a warzone can give nothing else but a state of economic crisis, destruction of human resource, and environmental degradation.

There are examples of such battles that marked the triumph of good over evil either it is  'Ramayan' aur 'Mahabharat' but such epics were pre-determined and written before the battles were actually fought. They were meant to teach us the lessons of "Satya", "Dharma" and "naitikta". But if I highlight the contemporary wars, there are faught  only for commercial benefits and to conquer more and more wealth. As a result of war, the 'hand shakers' form alliance to compensate their losses where the poor still  suffer to gather their basic necessities.

"If the roots are rotten  with  immorality and atrocities, then how can a tree flourish with peace and harmony?"

King Ashoka, the greatest ruler of his time, left his kingship after seeing the bloodshed of Kalinga war. If we could understand the philosophy behind his decision then we will get to know that he found no gain from a war expect crying windows and daughters, land covered with blood and death of thousands of people without a valid reason. Now, it's the time to transform ourselves also and realise the after effects of a word ,that is, it can never maintain peace and will  only dehumanize this Earth on the grounds of greed, egoism and hatredness.
Happy Quarantine

Written  by  Yashu  R

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