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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Raising children is not child's play

"Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first."By Matthew Jacobson
Young child with parents

Every person deals with many complexities just to survive smoothly in this world. But when it comes to nurture a child, you have to sail the boat through the waves of;  right mental and physical development of your kid, providing him right lifestyle and opportunities to explore himself. Amidst all such work to do parents must build a strong bond where each one of them can share their feelings transparently.

The job of  upbringing must initialise by developing a connection of love, concern, belief and understanding between them. Here I will focus more on 'decision making' situations which must be open to the youngers too, you not just taken by parents only. This can surely enhance their relations.

But what if your child won't  realise the importance of your contributions in their lives? here I think being human, everyone is futuristic and understand the importance of anything if it is found to be utilitarian. So the parents with analytic and logical skills can confront their children with necessities and their responsibilities towards life. A parent can boost his child to do that what his child himself feel under-confident to perform. I will give an example of a great American sprinter here who told her story in an interview after winning 3 gold medals in single Olympics. She told that once her doctor told her that she would never walk again, but her mother encouraged her that she can do it and that was the belief of her mother that made her to become a remarkable athlete. Do you know her name? just put your Google on work.

Just writing this stuff I found that parenting is not just how much efforts they can put in, but sometimes it needs to be reflected back by their kids also. Definitely,  it can't be done at the tender age of their growth but if they become capable enough to speak out their opinions and deny to accept something then they can surely apprehend the another side of the story too! So everyone;  teenager, youngsters abd parents must rethink over there parenthood relationships and work to build more cords of deep understanding.
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

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