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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Open defecation : hard to defeat.

"Corporate cleanliness can only be insured if there is a corporate conscience and the corporate insistence on cleanliness in public places."M. K. Gandhi

Religiosity in India is followed more rigidly than any law or  rule.  The reason behind such a blind faith is its "credibility without accountability".  This herd mentality of most of the population of our country put a barricade over sensible and reasonable issues. Improper sanitation and open defecation are one such factors that deteoriate the environment due to illogical and aged beliefs of people.

There are around 520 million people just from India who relieve  their bowels in open and spread innumerable diseases like Cholera , diarrhoea , dysentery  , typhoid etc. With such estimates many countries accelerated their policies to create more and more ODF (open defecation free) zones, where India also build 110 million toilets successfully in just 5 years.  But what the question I raise is, will the Indian public support this toilet system and use them?

With the support of municipal and panchayats, government had established proper sewage system in homes and villages under their housing plans.  But it didn't took much time to convert such compartments of toilet into a store room, goat shed, fodder house, granary etc. Many other schemes like Nirmal Bharat abhiyan and Swachh Bharat abhiyan didn't work successfully to improve the sanitation conditions of the country due to irresponsible and indifferent attitude of the public.

Mahatma Gandhi, contributed all his actions towards freedom struggle, also believed that "proper sanitation is prior to the independence". He believed on this notion because if the citizens of the nation won't stay fit and channelise there each action towards the nation development then there is no gain from independence !

I do agree on the fact that government authority didn't setback to formulate hygiene policies and construct more and more lavatory systems but they must work to 'recheck' them also.  And it can happen only if there is a good coordination between Government executory system and acknowledgement of the policies by the people.
Happy Quarantine

Written by Yashu R

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