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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Just a body can't define you

"Not one drop of my self worth depends on your acceptance of me"By Quincy Jones

Moving ahead with passing generations, people have started talking more about physical appearance and perfect body structures instead of doing cultural, intellectual and spiritual dialogue. Appreciation of body shape, size and colour had form  a standard to judge different people on the same scale. such standards can only be maintained by celebrities because it is just the part of their profession. But majority of the public internalise this mentality which leads to 'Body shaming'.

Body shaming is not a novel concept of 21st century but it way long back. A movement was started in 19th century in order to stop the trend of tight lacing the waistline of women that can modify her body and make it more pleasing! Can you recall the name of that movement? if not, then go for it.

it's not just the body that faces rejection for being too slim, too fat, dark or too fair but it also lower down the self esteem and can demoralize someone to greater extent. It  results in mental sickness, non acceptance of ownself, living in solitude and depression too.

For many people, body shaming act as an inspiration too. So that's perfectly fine. But I just don't agree when people idolizes celebrities and refix their physic to become more pleasurable and that to be, only for others. How it can be so hard for someone to accept themselves the way they are? This maybe because people need to reconstruct their mind instead of their body.

Body positivity is such a social movement that focus on the reassessment of the people who are despirited and embarrassed on their own body style. It works to create positive body image and help people to evaluate themselves on the basis of what comforts them, not others. So we have to rethink again that why can't we admire our own body? May be such a body is not a part of "the perfect list" of others but at least it can allow you to be confident and love yourself in whichever way you are.

Happy Quarantine

Written by Yashu  R

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