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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Humanity for Homosexuals

"My morality and faith our choices, my sexual orientation  however isn't " By Anthony Brown

Sexuality it is just a biological outcome which is circumscribed by 'gender role' also. Unfortunately, sexuality and gender is not different for many people. Many of you also, reading this article, may not find these terms contrary. But if a baby girl exhibit all masculine characters , either it is the dressing sense (wearing blue instead of pink!) way of communication or expression of emotions, then we can assign her a girl only sexually. Her gender is different from being a female

Then, what is this gender? is it unnatural? Or a community being oppressed by society? LGBT ( lesbian gay bisexual transgender) community is a group that includes all such people with queer sexual and gender orientation. But with such exceptional nature, they are not designated a human also. It is not just about social and religious objections because they don't even enjoy any rigid and legitimate policy to protect and ascend their community.

Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam find it sinfull and against the law of nature to build any physical or sexual relationship with the person of same sex. With such enmity and homophobic nature of dominating religions there is development of social resentment  too. Eventually, these people with no offence, have to face all kinds of harassment, depression and social isolation.
And the biggest problem is they don't lack any human character either it is emotions aur intelligence. So those 2.5 million self declared homosexuals who could have contributed in the progress of our nation ,are just fighting for their rights!

I do believe that Hindu culture had no separate demarcations for homosexuals either  it is the sculptures of Khajuraho temple, tritya prakriti( third gender) concept in Vedas or a character like shikhandi in Mahabharat epic. but there had been a historical non acceptance of homosexuals in European and American countries. I can remember that great British mathematician who decoded the German code during World war II but was prosecuted and forced to suicide when he declared himself a gay. Do you know his name? Google can help you with this.

There had been constant revisions on political loss in western countries that let them to accept homosexual  individuality  too.  Article 377 was also decriminalized under Indian constitution but we have to rethink again and still work for their social and political acceptance. This is because their participation not only dignify their community but will also uplift  the moral status of authoritarians.
Happy quarantine

Written by  Yashu R

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