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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Happy to work or work to be happy?

"Nobody e is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I."By Osho

The families, in this generation, are actively transforming from; joint to nuclear, conservative to liberal and being reserved to more expressive. But still, the parents subjugate the choices of their children regarding their future. It maybe because either they feel authoritative to take up the decisions for their child or they just want to design a comfortable and lavish life for their kid. But in assembling all such opportunities, they confine   them to dream for a job that can assure their pensions for lifetime instead of what can actually comfort them to work upon!

With such a concern, parents urges  their child to direct the path of their future towards 'bureaucratic or occupational' jobs instead of any 'artistic' job. And it's true that there are very less such gaurdians who could promote their child to become a dancer, singer, painter or a social worker.  Because with such a talent one can cherish their heart but cannot fill up their bowels!  it's a human tendency to live a secured life but here I want to raise a question.  Can a  wealthy  life of big bungalows, cars and all luxury content you throughout your life?  If it is so, then "Florence Nightingale" must have been satisfied in her rich family instead of servicing as a nurse (considered to be an educated) in medical field ,or,  the founder of Nobel peace prize "Alfred Nobel" had become a famous scientist by following his father instead of writing and creating poetries.

Eleanor Roosevelt mentioned it correctly that "nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent". If there is a spark in you to follow your heart then there is no such barrier to obstruct your dreams. It's not the case that I feel a version for professional jobs like doctor, engineer or an administrator. but I just want to highlight that there is no work sub ordinate to another, if it won't harm others and done religiously.

The elementary step towards such a social and psychological growth must be taken up by our gaurdians who can open different fields for us and let us explore our passion and engrossments. And then only such a mob mentality to follow specific directions can be constrained with divergent areas to explore.
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

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