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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Films: fantasize or actualise

"Babumoshay, zindagi ek rangmanch hai....".           (Dialogue from movie 'Anand')

Watching a movie now a days, is a mode to satisfy the enormous desires of simple and minute creatures like human beings. Film industry of this generation works like a fairy land where every human has tremendous powers to throw cars in the air, run with the speed of bullet,fight with the villain to throw him out of the planet and even protect the earth from the alien attack (and the earth is only America!). Amazing!

Of course we are not going to spend 200 or 300 bucks in cinema halls just to watch routined and typical lifestyle of the people. Sometimes movies act as an escape from the usual world and push us into the utopian world. It is good sometimes if it comfort you during the tough days of your life. but it is important to realise at the same time that "actual problems can't be dealt with fictional solutions".

Movies should not be only a commercial platform to fill up their pockets because they also shoulder the responsibility to present the moral status of the society. Sorry to all Marvel fans!  But real life is much more complex and we, the normal people confront it with much more udacity than any filmy superhero.

I think it is really important for us to analyse the movies with their substantial nature. Films, that can move us and raise questions on the details of the unfair society need to be appreciated. What is the benefit of being inside the allegory of the plato's cave? We are intelligent enough to realise what is and what is not. By the way, have you read this plato's dialect? If not ,you must read it.

Lastly I do acknowledge movies like "interstellar", "Euphoria", "joker" many Indian movies also like "ek doctor ki maut", "bhumika" that busted the truth of life and presented the actual scenario of our conditions. so I urge you to rethink again and evaluate the movies that can exhibit more concreteness and authenticity of different phases of life.

Written  by Yashu R

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