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Monday, April 13, 2020

Do you enjoy freedom?

"Why should I obey anyone else? Why should I not live as I like? Must I obey? If I disobey may I be coerced? By whom, and to what degree, and in the name of what and for the sake of what" By Berlin.

An individual who is coerced to do something ,then he is deprived of freedom. For him, political liberty is an area in which a man can work un  obstructed by others ,otherwise, he is coerced. Coercion doesn't mean inability or in capability but it implies the interference of others in the area of individual freedom. For example:- if a lame person is not able to run then it is due to his incapability, not coercion.

Many have questioned in order to define the area for freedom. this area cannot be unlimited otherwise everyone will interfere in each others area and there will be a chaos in society. So the limit of area is still debatable. Main thinkers (like locke, Mill, Constant) believed that there must be a definite area for personal freedom to exercise natural faculties for their development. There has to be a distinction in private life and public authority.

" freedom for the pike is death for minnows"
So complete freedom is not possible because everyone depends on each other. But what is the meaning of freedom for the person who is half naked, illiterate, underfed and diseased? Freedom may vary from social political to socio economic issues because sometimes individual freedom is not everyone's primary need.

Being equal and enlightened must be the foundation for Liberty. Hence it is rightly said by one of the philosopher that 'he has no right to enjoy his Liberty if his brother  live in poverty'. this is because he believes that freedom of some people must be curtailed to secure freedom of others.

freedom is not just the absence of obstacles, barriers or constraints but it also points toward the attainment of self mastery and self determination. Such a freedom makes the individual a social being to attain absolute freedom by controlling its passions, desire and emotions. A human who is rational and capable of moral actions can subjugate his empirical desires  in order to raise his inner self.

One can attain freedom by the use of critical reason. Knowledge has the power to liberate by eliminating fears and desires. So I would say one can get complete freedom by self realisation and breaking the bonds with material desires and passions.
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Written  by  Yashu  R

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