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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Capital Punishment

"Many that live deserve death. And some that died deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement " By J R R tolkien

We all are born in the society that has been formed by the national and reflective people of their times. So it is our duty to keep on reflecting on social and political issues that are criticised and need revaluations. One of such issue of concern is the capital punishment.

Widely,also called as death penalty which is a state tool to punish the offenders who have committed capital crimes like rape murder sedition et cetera; has been discussed on the critical grounds for its degree of torture, procedure of punishment, ding publicly executed or not and many more. But sorry guys,I am not here to talk with you on the intensity of pain in capital punishment.Obviously you can Google it and find about it more easily rather than reading this article. But I am here to raise a question in your brilliant brains that how can a human, a finite creature control or take the responsibility of the death of another human?
In answer to this question, you meditate me the famous mesopotamian verse:-"an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."according to this,the person who has committed a crime must be punished with the same degree of pain which he has given to the victim. But is it technically possible?if a rapist is sentenced with death either by hanging or beheading can he suffered the same amount of torture for the same period of time which the victim has encountered? I guess no,because that torture is sufficient to frighten the victims for the rest of her life where as the rapist gets an easy death for his brutal action.
Some may argue that capital punishment is deterrent in natureand those very people glorifies the strict laws of Arabian countries for beheading and having the culprits of murder rape and even suicide. If someone fails in committing suicide, he will ultimately be killed but only with some extra legal steps! That's quite interesting, isn't it? Do such countries have quite low crime rate but it has also been found in 2018 that around 48 beheadings were wrong in just 4 months! Even if it is deterrent, does it ensure human rights?if there is the only option to maintain peace then Hitler should be our hero and not Gandhi.
capital punishment is just a state sponsored killing to satisfy the emotional sentiments of the public and they call it a democratic victory. I think we are mature enough to understand that democracy gives us affair platform to think with rationality and unbounded with let's we think again of such practices that has been strictly abolished by 102 countries all over the world.if it is so then permitting such activities in our country may not lead us to a moral full and. I hope to channelise your thoughts again and come to a more strong decision.
Goodbye, happy Quarantine..

Written by  Yashu R

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  1. so can you please suggest how to deal with murders and rapist... do we have any other option ...