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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Can money make you worthy?

"A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart."By Jonathan Swift

We can define two different kinds of living, in which people utilise their 'pennies' to bring their close ones together where as people gather their 'pennies' to utilise their loved ones.  And we get amazed to see that these little pieces of iron had built big rivalries among highly educated countries too.

Money can satisfy all your calls either you demand for basic two meals a day or you develop lust for burgers and pizzas everyday.  But here you fall under the moneytrap when you begin to enumerate the class of the person on the basis of his bank balance. This way of life makes the person to 'live as a condition for survival' and not 'to explore every opportunity with enthusiasm'. Money can be earned with a particular excellent skill but respect is earned with the feeling of humanness that can alone, comprise all such minor skills of money making.

if I can comprise all my thoughts into one line then I would repeat the words of Maya Angelou that "make your goal of something you love, not money".  These  printed notes may encourage you to aspire for a goal, improve your standards, live a fine life or to become capable to support others but definitely they cannot sustain your value from it.  One who can put their endeavour to hold up others is noted with dignity and love rather than who just aim to flaunt their riches.

Money can fill up your life with friends, well wishers and supporters  but they will easily withdraw their hands in alarming state because a relationship built on money can only retain if there is nothing but money!  And the kinship made on trust and value can actually sustain in your hard times.
Happy Quarantine

Writhen by yashu R

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