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Friday, April 10, 2020

Because young nation need young minds

 "A nation usually renews its youth on a political Sick bed,and their finds again the spirit which it had gradually loss in seeking and maintaining power" By Friedrich Nietzsche
Young college students

Enthusiasm of the young generation not only sees the stinking customary belief of the society but also works hard to reconstruct the disassembled political structures.this is the reason why I appreciate the youth of my country that has the potential to take their nation ahead with meaningful policies.
But unfortunately, we had handed over this job to the pensioners and retired population of our country. You may disagree with me and give your argument of "experience" that is required to rule a diverse nation like who had engaged in political activities for longer period of time can administer the policies more firmly and maintain good diplomatic relations. But let me counter you with an historical example:-

There was a woman who became the Queen of one of the district of India at the age of 24 and ruled in her Empire more firmly than her husband who was 50 years of age.she fought with Britishers till her last breath but didn't surrendered in front of them. Do you know her? If no, then just go back to Google it. Certainly, the nation is built on the foundation of the policies that has been formed by the experts but it truly need the pillars formed by budding hands who may encounter the same difficulties but can generate innovative ideas to solve them.

You may wonder if I tell you that the famous Egyptian King Tut (Tutankhamun)became the ruler at the age of 9 and ruled for 10 years. Even the King Akbar to control over his Empire at the age of 13. And both are well renowned for their impeccable policies.there are many more examples to highlight the endeavour an irresistible philosophies of young rulers that abolished many grassroot problems of our nation but I would focus more on the "calibre, capabilities and consistency" that can be put forward by the youth more efficiently.

According to one of the data, the average age of UPSC aspirant clearing this exam is just 26! So, 26 years old adult is matured enough to control the whole district. This is quite amazing! So lastly, I would ask one question from you that if the young generation of our country have such a well formed mind then why can't we, the citizens of India, handover the reins of our country to them? I do agree that there are many youngsters who lose their consciousness due to excitement, but we can segregate them through some examination sort of procedure in order to choose those who can really uplift our political system. So,let's rethink again and review our political status through the eyes of rising generation because young nation need young minds
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