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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Art is independent of artist

"the most talented, thought provoking, game changing people are never normal" By Richard Branson

Creativity is the result of inspiration that exhibit the world through the eyes of the artist. Art is beyond casual experiences,rather I would say it transforms the unconcerned beauty of the nature into magnificent collection of ideas. Such an expression of thoughts is not everybody's cup of tea. It not only requires consistent hard work and concentration but so many years of overcoming the frustration, anxiety, Sorrow and even detachment from the loved ones. If someone has to pay so much for a good piece of art, how can we, the faint observers with minute pleasing experiences judge it in few minutes, or in few days?

Every human being is proud of his/internet and never miss a chance to, either criticise the creator's imagination or mauled it to suit the social and cultural status.I would explain you there with an example of a famous Indian painter who portrayed "Bharat Mata" deprived of basic requirements like food, clothes and shelter which was the actual condition of India after independence. This painting, shown above, was banned in India as it depicted Bharat Mata to be nude, helpless and suffering various discriminations. People highly criticised it because they had a glorified image of Bharat Mata lavished with all luxuries(depicted by Raja Ravi Varma). Before you disagree with me I will ask one question from you that why we condemn  someone for portraying  the reality of our life? he just tried to present his analysis of the conditions of India but he was dragged down because this was not accepted by the orthodox population of our country. Just google to find his name and other artistic works.

there is no calculated measure that can equify the nature of creator with his creation because an art comes out of momentary state of mind which is pleasurable and sufficient for that moment. Of course it may not be acceptable by others but doesn't mean that it is fallacious. if I paint ever black instead of blue then this is not my intention to symbolise something else for our holy rivers. Maybe I just paint it black to aware about the increasing water pollution! Exempted?

This is an age where an artist and its art are autonomous and cannot be charged on old objective opinions. Day rule is not to create pleasing illusions but to encounter us with the truth of life. You just read think and find out how an art becomes possible for you. Either of it supports your traditional views or if you generally accept the existing conditions of life?

Happy Quarantine

Written  by  Yashu  R

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