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Saturday, April 25, 2020

A groundless faith

"A believe which leaves no place for doubt, is not a belief, it is a superstition."By Jose Bergamin
Black cat

A belief that substantiate over senseless dictums can direct us towards impracticality.  But have you ever thought, who is directing our belief?  It's not just controlling our day to day activities but also drop our reasoning capabilities. For me it's nothing but the "fear" that either kicks you forward as it serve a lucky charm or restrict you for its misfortune.

If we people are so dependent over either a cat is crossing our way, found a penny on road, mishap occurring with three's, wishing on shooting star, breaking of a mirror or considering 'numbers' for a bad luck then we must stop hard working to achieve success!  Because if such incidences can overpower our stream of thoughts and actions then they can surely design our future too.

When the psychology of human withdraw rationality then it only works on instincts and trust over what can favour them rather than what is more logical.  And I do believe that sometimes such a satisfaction of mind can actually sway you towards optimism unless you completely lean on it for every decision.  If Serena Williams believes that tying her shoelaces in a definite pattern can help her to win the match,  Charles Dickens believe that facing North while sleeping can develop his creativity and Rafael Nadal believe that taking cold showers before match can bring his focus then it may work as PANACEA due to their strong belief system, not just the way of act.

'Voltaire' noted this clearly that "a superstition in a religion is same as a mad daughter of wise mother" because if a valid practice of old people convert into a superstition, then it also derogates their rich values.  For example,  'a flat feet brings bad luck' is a superstition today but it was once a belief of people because a flat feet is a disorder and depict internal body problems.

So, I conclude it on the grounds that superstition are beyond the scope of science and practicality.  There is no definiteness in their results because it completely works on your institutions and way of acceptability of truth.
Happy Quarantine

Written by Yashu R

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