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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020

It's confidential!

"Privacy is an inherent human right and requirement for maintaining the human condition, with dignity and respect."By Bruce Schneier

If privacy has to do with finances, data or information then it also act as a right for every citizen of India.  We adhere to the fact that secrecy is very personal and cannot be violated without consent but it still face the invasion of different communities due to different purposes.  Like if I  enlist the actors and politicians, than their privacy has to be hindered by the media so that they can bring out their 'real faces'!

And paparazi just wag their tail behind celebrities to expose their 'love affairs, sexual life and bankruptcy',  not their struggle and hardships to achieve that seat.  But you may argue that such invasion of privacy also bring them to the LimeLight and build their popularity. So how this can be wrong?

I don't find it wrong if anyone give consent and agree with such fame.  But there are many other ordinary people who don't find it appropriate to expose their personal life either it is any relationship, non-governmental data or something related to their body.  If anyone keeps a private information with him with the intention to keep it safe and secure rather than to humiliate someone or cover any illegal data, then I find it very straight idea.

Privacy is a part of life of every individual where they can and have to sustain some details with themselves to maintain equilibrium in familial, communal, National and commercial issues. Government can form guidelines for privacy matters in National, international and communal issues but  how can we inculcate the right meaning of privacy in families?

The most crucial and initial step of good privacy for every individual in a family is to develop a strong bond of trust and emotional understanding among each other. And I think that no information can stay  unexposed for lifetime because there is always a point in life where it is brought out, in front of everyone with no exceptions!
Happy Quarantine

Written  by  yashu R

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

May 19, 2020

Self murder

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."By P. Donahue
What life is, just a roller coaster ride through all pains and pleasures that starts from cry of your birth and finishes with a dead silence!  But in the passage between the birth and death of a person, he dives in the ocean to explore all emotional- cum-practical situations.  Here he needs to proportionate between his emotions and wise decision making skills. But what if  person is left with no scope to live? What is more important than this question is can we face that situation in our life where we have no hope and will to live?

When someone is left with no option of 'resolution' he commits suicide but with the black spot of 'cowardice and loser'.  If you ask  for my opinion, I totally agree with this view because "those who quit they have to start the race again from the initial point ,it's better to fail rather than starting it again!" Success is easy to enjoy but one needs consistency to sustain over it.  And what is more difficult is to have guts to face the failure.  isn't it?
there are people who took up this step because they have lost all their strength due to success failure. Without hope, love, relations and confidence no human can survive.  It's important to understand that even if somebody lose everything in their life, there is still some hope of new energy, rectifications, fresh startup and upsurge to do something.

"They still built their homes again even when they lost everything in floods.  What can be more strenous than this!"

Since life is not just about gains, but it's a process of reciprocation.  If you want something, you must learn to lose.  To achieve something, you have to learn to live with unfair conditions too.  If you are given a life of human then don't just tangle between profits and losses because you are born to complete your responsibilities too.  Being '10/10' is not my responsibility but to inspire someone to encourage is my human obligation.  That's why I was born in the skin of human and not an animal.
Good bye
Happy Quarantine

Written  by  Yashu R

Saturday, May 2, 2020

May 02, 2020

Tv episodes v/s webisodes

"Sometimes this life seems like an unending web series where every episode start with some dramatic opening and ended with some unanswered twist."By Abhishek Panchal

Amidst this harsh lockdown, what we love doing other than our strict schedule of "Eat Sleep Repeat" is watching old TV serials or web series. This series helps us to revive our routine with bold dialogues, climax scenes and some animation effects also.  But on the other side of these similarities there are estonishing differences  that segregate the viewers.

Young population of our country is mostly driven by bold and unique story lines of web series whereas middle-aged prefer TV shows more frequently. Some may find internet shows more realistic with no scope of dramatic exaggerations and others may find TV serials more interesting with detailed plots and colorfulness but why there is such separation in the audience?  Can we prioritise one over the other?

Sometimes such vicidness in emotions seems forged and this makes the audience to search for real life narrations that can give them true impact of emotions.  From last decade there are more spectators to cheer for web shows due to their compact deliverations with 8 to 10 episodes.  This brings more curiosity and stuck them with their visual effects also. Another factor for being so popular is also that it welcomes less interference of censors to depict actuality and more realism.

The stereotypical issues presented by TV series are no more a part of entertainment for people of this generation. They are now open to broad interpretations and support "less spoken" views also.  But I consider television shows also that represent cultural values like 'Ramayan' and informative shows like 'science of stupid'. They enhance our problem solving skills with a tinge of entertainment.  We do you have demarcated TV and web serials according to our own love of understanding and here we need to emphasize that if any form of leisure become more lively and illuminating for us then we must participate in it.  Not just to enjoy but also to explore.
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

Friday, May 1, 2020

May 01, 2020

No More Filters

"Beauty is when your eyes speak the truth, lips broadens with a smile even without any cosmetics or artificial agents and the personality that is respectful even without any jewellery."By Anindita

We always used to cram an idiom that 'the beauty is only skin deep', meaning the beauty cannot define the character of any person.  Are you that "sacramental" being who follow these words?  just keep on thinking!
The beautification of body either with surgeries, cosmetics or even Ayurveda therapy are evident enough to explain that people have misunderstood the meaning of 'first impression is last impression'.  Hence the people recognise this silicon studded body more frequently than their attitude and skills.

Those white plastered faces may gain confidence and self esteem to improve their efforts at workplaces but can they cherish their blemishes, ageing spots and uneven skin?  At every level, we try to hide these defects not because others won't appreciate it,  but because we cannot love our own self with such blots. The well formed body of surgeries can get you many likes and hearts on different sides but won't let you like to enjoy your fame.  There was a big superstar who whitened his black body through treatments and took number of pain killers to suppress is pain of but he was not able to see his popularity after 50!  I think you can guess the name of our "king of pop".

The brightness of filters and highlighters can subdue your physical fallacies temporary,  what will stay forever with you is your immense simplicity and level of sensibility.  That's why I always wondered, why the hero of movie is so charming and the master minds of the movie director, writer and producer are so simple (even though they make more money than actors).

if I have to conclude over this topic then I can only implant this idea in your mind that life cannot be fixed in to your selfie cameras because it is much more beautiful and pleasing if remain untouched with artificial frames. "When someone understand the depth of realness, he will never fluctuate towards the superficial Allure".
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R
May 01, 2020

Let the karma play!

"When you begin a journey of Revenge start by digging two Graves: one for your enemy and one for yourself."By Jodi Picault

The mind is recipient of all emotions but it needs to work in the favour of circumstances and in response to the activities of different people.  These people had developed a bond with you and with your mind that's why you can feel an emotion for them, otherwise not.  If there is a sentiment of affection, then there is an emotion of hatred, aversion and retribution also. These emotions of lower self can collectively encourage any person to cross any boundary.

There can be upthrust of Revenge when heart of a person is injured either with non acceptance or traumatic loss of life who was very close to you. But as much as I can calculate, this raging generation confront with former one situations. One may face such non-acceptance in his or her true love, in the settlement with family traditions, in the savage group of friends and many more.  Guys, what comes prior to any kind of refusal is self rejection. If one believe on himself beyond par then he can strengthen his will and won't  be affected with their weaknesses. one such feeling is "revenge".

Then how to handle this intense and aggressive emotions?  Half mein agree over the power of time to decide the fruit of action and other half may go with the notion that never sleep with anger just wake up and design your conspiracy.  All the cards flip over in your favour!

The one who can fight with his own evils need not to fight with people of stupid strategies.  An act of forgiveness and smile on your face itself work as an Revenge.  This is the reason why we remember Gandhi even today.  So let the fire burn inside you not to lit up your broken pieces that soothes others but to brighten up your personality that can outside all the master plans of evil souls around you.  So just  plan your Revenge against the evil, not the doer.
Good bye
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April 29, 2020

Can money make you worthy?

"A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart."By Jonathan Swift

We can define two different kinds of living, in which people utilise their 'pennies' to bring their close ones together where as people gather their 'pennies' to utilise their loved ones.  And we get amazed to see that these little pieces of iron had built big rivalries among highly educated countries too.

Money can satisfy all your calls either you demand for basic two meals a day or you develop lust for burgers and pizzas everyday.  But here you fall under the moneytrap when you begin to enumerate the class of the person on the basis of his bank balance. This way of life makes the person to 'live as a condition for survival' and not 'to explore every opportunity with enthusiasm'. Money can be earned with a particular excellent skill but respect is earned with the feeling of humanness that can alone, comprise all such minor skills of money making.

if I can comprise all my thoughts into one line then I would repeat the words of Maya Angelou that "make your goal of something you love, not money".  These  printed notes may encourage you to aspire for a goal, improve your standards, live a fine life or to become capable to support others but definitely they cannot sustain your value from it.  One who can put their endeavour to hold up others is noted with dignity and love rather than who just aim to flaunt their riches.

Money can fill up your life with friends, well wishers and supporters  but they will easily withdraw their hands in alarming state because a relationship built on money can only retain if there is nothing but money!  And the kinship made on trust and value can actually sustain in your hard times.
Happy Quarantine

Writhen by yashu R

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April 28, 2020

Are you mental?

"It is an odd paradox that a society which can now speak openly and unabashedly about topics that were once unspeakable, still remains largely silent when it comes to mental illness."By Glenn Close

Everyone in this world today, emphasize only to what is 'visible' to them.  Probably, because they can concern for it, resolve it and bring it to  mass awareness easily.  But we also need to concentrate over what is not "so easy" for actualising and even to understand. Nowadays there is such an  upsurge of mental disorders that it is hard to realise whether such disabilities actually exist?

As stated by WHo reports, there is one in every 4 people who suffers from some kind of mental illness at a particular period in their life. Unfortunately we just call such people abnormal and don't consider their problems with seriousness. There are human beings who suffer with rare and scariest mental disorder due to traumatic experience, mental injury, drug abuse, neurological disorder or if diagnosed with disorders like dementia and Alzheimer ,that too, causes memory loss.

Have you ever met with such a person who is unable to control his hand from harming himself (alien hand syndrome), who amputate his own healthy living without a cause (apotemnophilia), who just act like a cow (boanthropy), one who believes that people around him are replaced by imposters (capgras delusion), acts like a zombie or a dead man (cotard delusion), form a different identity at any time (dissociative identity disorder), one who is obsessed with sickness and love to stay ill (factitious disorder) or get overwhelmed when see a large amount of artistic work (stendahl syndrome).  It's not enough guys, there is also one such disorder in which a man tries to eat inedible objects like books.  Do you know its name? just ask it from Google.

Such a mental hallucination or disablility can also be a result of loneliness, inexpressiveness, extreme fear or anxiety, mental shock or obsession with any person or thing. With such a condition the person need support of his family and close ones then any paid psychiatrist. This support can actually work to make them realise their own self and the illusionary world created by them.
Happy Quarantine

Written by yashu R

Monday, April 27, 2020

April 27, 2020

Underfed future of India

"It is painful to see that the struggle against hunger and malnutrition is hindered by market priorities, which have reduced foodstuffs to a commodity like any other...... we ask for dignity not for charity."By Pope Francis

We are turning the pages of this 'world' book so rapidly that we concern more for wealth rather than the health.  But we can see an interesting scenario also, where rich celebrities eat less to stay fit and 97 billion children of our country sleep with empty stomach unwillingly everyday. Can this underfed population lead this nation in future?

Issue which is more crucial then this 'starving population' is increasing "Malnutrition" cases in India.  There are about 19 million children who are below 6 years and suffering with malnourishment.  And they are ill fed due to lack of proper nourishment to their mothers. This has resulted in chronic hunger, underweight body, anemic and lack of healthcare conditions. Beside proper food, deficiency in good immunization facilities also increases the vulnerability of diseases like polio, anaemia, measles, whooping cough etc.

If a child is held with such health issues then he is not just able to cope up with acute physical and mental problems but also with permanent bodily disorders.  Who is responsible for such conditions of these children?  they suffer with malnutrition and its after effects throughout their life without any offence. Though the agencies of government, NGOs like "Cry", funds raised through charity and even individual brands work as a helping hand in the inadequacies of these children. But I think they must live a dignified life with all basic facilities instead of our mere assistance!

So rather than donating funds for these underfed children try to create more opportunities of employment, healthcare facilities and hygienic living conditions in which way you can. Such  support will not only improve the situations of these kids but also work for the development of the nation as a whole.
Happy Quarantine

Written by Yashu R

Sunday, April 26, 2020

April 26, 2020

Open defecation : hard to defeat.

"Corporate cleanliness can only be insured if there is a corporate conscience and the corporate insistence on cleanliness in public places."M. K. Gandhi

Religiosity in India is followed more rigidly than any law or  rule.  The reason behind such a blind faith is its "credibility without accountability".  This herd mentality of most of the population of our country put a barricade over sensible and reasonable issues. Improper sanitation and open defecation are one such factors that deteoriate the environment due to illogical and aged beliefs of people.

There are around 520 million people just from India who relieve  their bowels in open and spread innumerable diseases like Cholera , diarrhoea , dysentery  , typhoid etc. With such estimates many countries accelerated their policies to create more and more ODF (open defecation free) zones, where India also build 110 million toilets successfully in just 5 years.  But what the question I raise is, will the Indian public support this toilet system and use them?

With the support of municipal and panchayats, government had established proper sewage system in homes and villages under their housing plans.  But it didn't took much time to convert such compartments of toilet into a store room, goat shed, fodder house, granary etc. Many other schemes like Nirmal Bharat abhiyan and Swachh Bharat abhiyan didn't work successfully to improve the sanitation conditions of the country due to irresponsible and indifferent attitude of the public.

Mahatma Gandhi, contributed all his actions towards freedom struggle, also believed that "proper sanitation is prior to the independence". He believed on this notion because if the citizens of the nation won't stay fit and channelise there each action towards the nation development then there is no gain from independence !

I do agree on the fact that government authority didn't setback to formulate hygiene policies and construct more and more lavatory systems but they must work to 'recheck' them also.  And it can happen only if there is a good coordination between Government executory system and acknowledgement of the policies by the people.
Happy Quarantine

Written by Yashu R

Saturday, April 25, 2020

April 25, 2020

A groundless faith

"A believe which leaves no place for doubt, is not a belief, it is a superstition."By Jose Bergamin
Black cat

A belief that substantiate over senseless dictums can direct us towards impracticality.  But have you ever thought, who is directing our belief?  It's not just controlling our day to day activities but also drop our reasoning capabilities. For me it's nothing but the "fear" that either kicks you forward as it serve a lucky charm or restrict you for its misfortune.

If we people are so dependent over either a cat is crossing our way, found a penny on road, mishap occurring with three's, wishing on shooting star, breaking of a mirror or considering 'numbers' for a bad luck then we must stop hard working to achieve success!  Because if such incidences can overpower our stream of thoughts and actions then they can surely design our future too.

When the psychology of human withdraw rationality then it only works on instincts and trust over what can favour them rather than what is more logical.  And I do believe that sometimes such a satisfaction of mind can actually sway you towards optimism unless you completely lean on it for every decision.  If Serena Williams believes that tying her shoelaces in a definite pattern can help her to win the match,  Charles Dickens believe that facing North while sleeping can develop his creativity and Rafael Nadal believe that taking cold showers before match can bring his focus then it may work as PANACEA due to their strong belief system, not just the way of act.

'Voltaire' noted this clearly that "a superstition in a religion is same as a mad daughter of wise mother" because if a valid practice of old people convert into a superstition, then it also derogates their rich values.  For example,  'a flat feet brings bad luck' is a superstition today but it was once a belief of people because a flat feet is a disorder and depict internal body problems.

So, I conclude it on the grounds that superstition are beyond the scope of science and practicality.  There is no definiteness in their results because it completely works on your institutions and way of acceptability of truth.
Happy Quarantine

Written by Yashu R